Superior Culinary Arts Diploma

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Superior Culinary Arts Diploma


  • Culinary graduates
  • Aspiring chefs


  • Certificate or Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts or
  • 2-3 years professional culinary experience


  • Application approval by Admissions Committee and Chef Instructors


  • 75% Hands-on, 25% Theory

Accelerate your culinary career by obtaining a Superior Culinary Arts Diploma. Designed specifically for ambitious graduates in culinary arts, practicing & experienced professionals in food-related services, this intensive advanced skills program provides the highest standards expected at top international establishments as a qualified Chef de Partie. Train with world-class Chef Instructors to learn the responsibilities of this important role responsible for running one particular area of the professional kitchen at any given time, as well as assisting the sous-chef and/or head chef. Mastery at this level will strengthen the foundations of your culinary skills portfolio as a serious professional.

Program Description

Acquire the highest level of expertise for every specialty in the professional kitchen–from cold kitchen preparation to advanced culinary techniques applied to different catering concepts. Learn associated skills, such as nutrition basics, information technology, principles of communication, effective team management, and fundamentals of operations management. Intensive modules teach advanced aspects of culinary arts with emphasis on skills-building. Reinforce skills know-how in a real-world working environment through a monitored internship. Small group settings provide personalized training.


6 Months
(3-month skills-building training + 3-month internship)
400 total hours of course time consisting of

  • 278 hours of applied theory & hands-on training
  • 70 hours of associated skills (management, cost control, communication, information technology & field trips)
  • 52 hours of testing (written & practical exams)

400 hours of practical experience in one of our industry partners

Culinary Skills Objective

Master Culinary Techniques

  • Master preparation & mise-en-place techniques for all ingredients
  • Perform & perfect cooking methods with precise temperatures
  • Season, taste & correct dishes
  • Properly plate dishes

Master Equipment Usage

  • Know the latest machines, materials & tools available on the market
  • Use all appropriate types: sous-vide, immersion circulator, microwave, Gastrovac®

Prepare Your Work Station & Oversee Team Stations

  • Learn how to organize an efficient work station
  • Learn how to control the stations of team members

Learn Effective Time Management

  • Evaluate the necessary time for dish completion: preparation, mise-en-place, cooking & plating
  • Organize workload for yourself & your team
  • Anticipate unexpected situations to respect the evaluated time

Comply with Health & Safety Protocols

  • Apply the rules & procedures of health & safety regulations
  • Implement HACCP documents: safety, quality & diet
  • Supervise & control proper cleaning of the kitchen area & work stations

Accelerate the Development of Your Culinary Career

  • Learn how to be sensitive to culinary diversity from haute cuisine to “street food”
  • Develop ability to integrate new culinary techniques
  • Learn how to develop & implement new recipes into a menu

Associated Skills Objective

Learn & Apply Science & Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Understand basics of nutrition & definition of a balanced diet
  • Learn how to create healthy recipes based on nutritional balance of ingredients

Acquire Information Technology Skills

  • Learn basic functions of Microsoft Word & Excel to create simple files
  • Master basic principles of Microsoft Outlook (synchronized emails, contacts, calendar)

Develop Effective Communication Skills

  • Fully understand & respect organizational dynamics & hierarchy in kitchen
  • Develop written & oral communication competencies
  • Learn how to effectively transfer knowledge to team members & superiors

Develop Effective Team Management Skills

  • Learn how to earn confidence within your team
  • Learn how to maximize team performance
  • Gain skills to manage your team given unexpected situations
  • Understand principles of responsible behavior
  • Develop skills to cope with stress & strains in kitchen operations

Understand & Apply Operations Management

  • Manage inventory stockage
  • Respect food cost ratios
  • Learn how to minimize losses with proper food management
  • Learn how to develop a quality control policy
  • Know how to create & complete administrative forms or reports

Program Courses


  • Module 1 Culinary Essentials Review
  • Module 2 Tradition – Evolution: Reinterpretation of French Cuisine Classics
  • Module 3 Sous-Vide & New Cooking Technologies
  • Module 4 Catering & Banqueting


  • Module 5 New Trends: Finger Food, Street Food & World Food
  • Module 6 Nature: Healthy Cooking & Balanced Nutrition
  • Module 7 Hotel Catering: Buffet & Cocktail, Hotel Breakfast & Brunch


  • Module 8 Information Technology & Computer Skills
  • Module 9 Business Administration & Management
  • Module 10 Effective Communication Skills


  • Module 11 Field Trips
  • Module 12 Practical real-world internship in a restaurant selected by our Career Services Department


Admission Requirements:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Copy of Culinary Certificate or Diploma
  3. Transcript of Records from last school attended
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Letter of Recommendation from last school attended or latest employer
  6. Certificate of Employment or any proof of work experience (if applicable)
  7. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  8. Two 2x2 photos


  1. Passport copy (for foreign students only)

Admission Process:

  • First Evaluation. Once the College has received your complete application documents, your file will be evaluated to determine whether you will be called in for a personal admission interview. You shall be informed within two weeks as to whether you have been selected for an interview or your application has been unsuccessful.
  • Personal Interview. The interview is an indispensable step in the admission process. This allows the Admissions Committee--made up of members of Enderun Management, faculty, and admissions staff--to evaluate potential students based on their level of interest in the hospitality industry, as well as their maturity level, academic potential, interpersonal skills and leadership potential.
  • For candidates unable to travel to Manila for the interview, a written request to be interviewed by telephone may be submitted.
  • Decision. Based on the results of both the written application and the interview, the Admissions Committee shall make a final decision to admit the candidate. All candidates shall be informed in of the Committee's decision.

Course Fee

Course Fee:PhP375,000
Payment Schemes: Cash, Check, or Credit Card
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