IB credits

Enderun's campus facilities feature hotel-quality appointments and integrated cutting-edge learning technologies that are in a class of their own.

Enderun Colleges recognizes International Baccalaureate Diploma graduates as well as Certificate holders from schools in the Philippines and overseas. Such students may apply for a Bachelor's Program at Enderun and must satisfy the admission criteria of the college. Applicants are not guaranteed automatic admission, advanced placement or unit credit.

Applicants with IB Diploma or Certificate holders with a minimum score of 4 on the IB higher level (HL) general education subjects are eligible for advanced credit for equivalent Enderun subjects. Applicants with specialized IB subjects whose score is 5 or above and in IB higher level (HL) may be eligible for advanced credit, provided that there is an equivalent subject in the Enderun Curriculum and subject to a validation examination. A school certified true copy of the course description and syllabus for each subject must be submitted.

Enderun Hospitality Management & Consultancy Services
Enderun Hospitality Management (EHM) is a hospitality management solutions provider in the Philippines with a proven track record of success.