Student Organizations

Enderun's campus facilities feature hotel-quality appointments and integrated cutting-edge learning technologies that are in a class of their own.

Enderun Colleges, knowing that extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational experience, supports student organizations that provide learning opportunities through their programs. Regulated by the college, these clubs and organizations give supplementary channels for student creativity, talents and skills..

ADF International Society
ADF International Society   Alain Ducasse Formation, seeks to complement the knowledge and skills of its members in learning new cuisines as part of the culinary tour experience. The students who are certificate takers are encouraged to join this organization.

Alter Eco
Alter Eco   The school's eco-frinedly organization that will help spread environmental awareness.

AIESEC   Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales. 
AIESEC is a global youth organization that develops leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programs and engaging students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programs for profit and non-profit organizations. Students who major in Business should join this organization.

Anyo   The ANYO Theater Company is the school's performing arts organization. They have plays and regularly have workshops for those who are aspiring to be the next superstar.

BEAT   Band of Enderun Artists' and Talents, this is the school's organization for those looking to express themselves through music. They also have a sub-org called, SOUNDCAST; the school's official GLEE CLUB.

Culinaire   Enderun's official culinary organization. This org focuses on food and food related matters.

Cultura   CULTURA fosters unity in the growing multicultural community within Enderun Colleges.

DRINKS & DESSERTS   Drinks and Desserts aims to be expert on desserts and beverage aspect of the Culinary Arts which foster the needs of society.

EFWS   EFWS stands for Enderun Food & Wine Society, whose mission is to inculcate solid innovative knowledge on practical and theoretical aspects of the food and beverage industry. We achieve that by organizing activities and events that will further enhance the knowledge of food and beverage, experience in the hospitality industry, and overall well-being of its members and the students of Enderun Colleges in general.

Exposure   Exposure aims to capture important and significant moments and share it with the Enderun Community. They are also in charge of documenting events of the different RSOs.

EXS   Enderun Extreme Sports offers wakeboarding, longboarding, surfing, MMA as well as Karting and Wall Climbing.

Hoteliers   Enderun's official Hotel Administration organization which aims to widen the knowledge and experience of the students in the industry.

INK   Enderun's official school paper.

JAC   Jannisaries Athletic Club is Enderun's sports organization which offers students a wide variety of sports.

Korun   Enderun aims to reach out to everyone at the school; caters to the school's Korean students.

Lux Lucis
Lux Lucis   Enderun's official scholar's organization.

MUN   Model United Nations is the simulation of the actual United Nations. In this org, participants will be able to write resolutions and debate on world issues, promoting international diplomacy and global awareness.

PEP   PEP is Enderun's official varsity cheerleading squad. Their purpose is to boost the school spirit of Enderun population and help in fully identifying the identity of the school.

Recordatio   Enderun's official yearbook club.

UC   Under Construction is Enderun's official dance group.

YES   Young Entrepreneurs Society is Enderun's organization in training and developing young entrepreneurs.


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